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Thanks for checking out Projects for Underserved Communities (PUC) PANAMA!

We are a team of nine engineers from all disciplines working together to help an underserved community in Panama.

We is assessing project options in the villages of Montanuela, El Blanquillo, and Los Llanos and in the Veraguas province of Panama. One project is toexplore options of implementing a sand filtration system, chlorination disinfeciton, ceramic filtration, and UV disinfection, all of which would provide safe drinking water to the community. The second project is to build a pedestrian bridge for children to get to school in Los Llanos (which also serves as the school for the village of El Blanquillo). About 50 students attend this school from March to December, and they have to walk an extra 1 or 2 hours to get there since there is no bridge and the river crossing is very dangerous. The third project is to build a solar panel for the school to provide electricity for lighting, a DVD player, and a TV which can receive a national educational channel, Tele-Basica.


PUC- Panama
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